Philippe Model

“ I don’t want to set any limits on my creativity. Besides, I have never seen boundaries in dreams.

   Eco-scenography & Art Direction   

I have worked as a scenographer & art director in Australia and Europe for over 10 years.


I have been fortunate to have great mentors along the way, notably Pierre Griperay & Philippe Model with whom I worked for many years & who have given me the gift of their specialty-know-how, confidence & trust to do what I do & to them I am eternally grateful. In Australia I have always been grateful to Jason Lehane for giving me my first opportunities in scenography in such a supportive environment.

I trained in movement poetics at the International Theatre School Jacques Lecoq which informs my perspective on space, the built environment as a living-space, and the interface between movement, poetics, architecture, scenography and performance. Lecoq training also informed my eco-scenographic approach, to source and make costume, mask, scene.

My work spans film & theatre, fashion, education, domestic property (interior design), restaurants & even an 800m2 interior design showroom in Doha. 

I also teach set design & eco-scenography to children in schools and private workshops which I am very passionate about.

In my role as art therapist, I use eco-scenography as a medium for exploration, imagining & for change.


My scenographic background has afforded me the special perspective of space and space design when working as an art therapist which has guided and driven my career. See The Creative Health Space for more information.


My current PhD research takes this idea that scenography can be harnessed as a tool for wellness & works towards providing insight and new knowledge about this field, beyond the walls of the theatre. 

  Some examples of my work