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Albert Einstein

" If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be called research, would it?  

I believe that research helps us to further our thinking and practice and I find it fascinating to put ordinary 'obvious' questions under the microscope.


As a researcher, I am passionate about transmission of knowledge. I have the great fortune to be a casual lecturer at the University of Caen (France) in the Masters of Psychology 2nd year program & The University of Melbourne (Australia) in the CATRU arts therapies masters. 

Current research



PhD research

University of Northumbria, Newcastle, UK

Working title: Inner Landscapes, Outer Landscapes, building possible futures. The paradigm and practice of applied architecture and eco-scenography as tools to support community health and wellbeing in the face of global crises.

This interdisciplinary research is the interface of scenography, architecture and human wellbeing. 

It aims to reveal the potential of creating external landscapes to transform internal ones that lead to agency & wellness in the face of global crises.

Past research theses


Master of Artistic Creation (Dramatherapy): Research Thesis 

Paris V Descartes University, Paris 

Title: Dramatherapy and Dissociation in Adult Psychiatry, Trauma


Research housed at Tenon Psychiatric Hospital, Paris

A research thesis in dramatherapy, observing the influence of dramatherapy on dissociation in an adult psychiatry unit. Results concluded that while punctual sessions were beneficial, longer term exposure to groupe dramatherapy would have a deeper impact on dissociative symptoms. 


Master of Artistic Creation (Dramatherapy): Professional practice thesis  

Paris V Descartes University, Paris 

Title:  The Impact and importance of the use and arrangement of space on professional process and practice for a dramatherapist

Research housed at Tenon Psychiatric Hospital, Ville Evrard Paediatric Psychiatry Hospital & Educational practice, Paris

A professional thesis rooted in heuristic exploration and analysis. Reflection concluded that creating or establishing a creative therapeutic space with the involvement of participants was beneficial to their health as well as to the therapeutic relationship and psychic availability of the therapist. 


Master of Artistic Creation (Dramatherapy): Research thesis 

Paris V Descartes University, Paris 

Title : The impact of the theatro-therapeutic space on therapeutic

processes in paediatric psychiatry 

Research housed at Ville Evrard Paediatric Psychiatry Hospital, Paris.

A research thesis that explored the space in the dramatherapy room for the first time. Using tracking schemas to follow and analyse the movements of patients in the space the research concluded that the space held not only a containing function but had a true influence on communication, behaviour and therapeutic relationship.



Honours Undergraduate Research Paper 

Monash University, Australia

Title: An Early Intervention Dramatherapy Program for Autistic Children

This thesis was born out of my professional actor training at the International Theatre School Jacques Lecoq. It examined elements of the Lecoq method and its application with children with potential autism to develop communication skills through creative practice.

Recent Publications


Routledge (Taylor & Francis) Publishers, UK 

Space & Dramatherapy : International Perspectives (working title)

Forthcoming (2022)

Edited by: Eliza Sweeney

Jessica Kingsley Publishers, UK

Chapter: Making Sense of Solastalgia Through Therapeutic Eco-Scenography


A New Perspective for The Expressive and Creative Arts Therapies In The 21st Century

Forthcoming (2021)

Edited by: Stephen K. Levine and Alexander Kopytin

Kingston University, London, UK


Chapter: A space of their own: appropriating the domestic interior for wellbeing in the time of Covid

Eliza Sweeney and Sebastian Messer



Interiors in the Era of Covid-19

Prof. Penny Sparke, lead Editor