“ Life is balance of holding on and letting go 

   Health &Wellness   

I offer sessions for health and wellness from a variety of methods & fields. A part from being an art therapist, I was trained as a performing artist and was trained in body, embodiment, breath, dance, voice and emotion work. The body is central to all that I do, whether a therapist, designer or in general wellbeing workshops.

Qualifications & Offerings

Ballet-Barre Coach

Relaxation (mixed-methods)

Art Therapy

Breath work 



Alexander Technique 

Voice work


I take a personal interest to the research from Monash University, Australia into the FODMAP regime at I head up the #FODMAPFrance Instagram account to share knowledge and information about this formidable research and life-changing diet.

Ballet à la Barre
Danseuse moderne
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