Art Therapy     

“ It is only in being creative that the individual discovers the self.

Donald Winnicott

I have been a qualified art therapist (drama) since 2017 when I graduated from Paris V Descartes University with a Research Masters in Dramatherapy. 

I founded my private practice "The Creative Health Space" in 2016. Afterwards, in 2017, I did a supplementary 3rd year of research at the university.

 I use a multi-modal approach and the title "expressive arts therapist" speaks closer to what I offer.

I am devoted to creating safe and imaginative spaces with clients, that invites them to explore imagination, creativity and curiosity. This process leads to discoveries, understanding, new resources, and sometimes transformation. It also leads to better health, wholeness and well-being.

I became an arts therapist because I am passionate about using creativity to help others. 


My sessions are run with the your individual needs in mind and together we explore the artistic mediums that encourages curiosity, and guide us towards discovery, resources, the flourishing of inner potential, healing, health and growth.

Art Therapy is for everyone.

I work specifically with children, women (pre & post natal care, women's health), & families for general mental health and psychiatry, self-development and wellness.


I work with all people using my therapeutic scenography (Sweeney, 2020) method.


I am also half way through a professional training in Neuro-Dramatic-Play (Ltd).

Below is information pertaining to my internship and post-graduation professional experiences.


For information about my research (past & present) please see my Research page.

For detailed information about my private practice, please visit my website: The Creative Health Space 


750 hours of internships in adult psychiatry, paediatric psychiatry, home stay for the handicapped and mentally disabled elderly (Paris) over 3 years (during my Masters studies)

2014 - 2015 

2015 - 2016

2016 - 2017 

Barberi Center (CITL) (adult handicaps home stay)

Ville Evrard Hospital (paediatric psychiatry)

Tenon​ Hospital (adult psychiatry, trauma & addictions)

Ville Avray (adult psychiatry private clinic)

Tenon​ Hospital (adult psychiatry, trauma & addictions)

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Professional Experience

Neuro-Dramatic-Play Advanced Diploma (2020 - on going)


Neuro-Dramatic-Play Ltd. Dr. Sue Jennings, UK

MILPERA, not-for-profit organisation, since 2019


Director & Art Therapist since its inauguration January 2019

Milpera develops and proposes innovative therapeutic and educational programs where creativity and sustainability are at the heart of all projects. As director I oversee the creation and implementation of programs as well as funding sourcing, communications and recruitment. 


The Creative Health Space, Private Practice since 2016


Founder & Art Therapist

I welcome children, women & couples for pre and post natal care, families and adults. I work with all needs pertaining to mental and emotional health. I have a special interest in preventative mental health care. 

I work with multi-modal arts (dance, drama, scenography, visual art and sound) 

Lindenwood International School, 2020 - present

In my capacity as a an art therapist with significant experience in education, I was head-hunted by my now colleague to co-found an innovative green school in the west of Paris. LIS has a focus on strong academics but also, we take into consideration the whole child, and ensure they are being confident, happy and well-rounded individuals. As an art therapist, I over see the pastoral care programs as well as being head of programs for the extra-curricular and academic spheres.

Childhood Protection, Paris, 2016 - present 




Working with children (6-12 years old) in a socio-educational framework with dramatherapy, supporting families and children in difficult social circumstances. Children presenting with behavioural difficulties, environmental, mental, emotional and somatic challenges, dyslexia, dysphasia, dyspraxia, trauma, learning difficulties, school phobias and in prevention.

Ville d’Avrary Adult Psychiatry Clinic, Paris. 2016 - 2018




Dramatherapy, dance therapy, writing therapy, play therapy, relaxation groups and individual sessions for patients suffering trauma, addictions, psychosomatic illness, conduct disorders, psychiatric illness including depression, psychosis including schizophrenia, neurosis


CATTP (Paediatric Psychiatry), Bondy 2017 - 2019




Dramatherapy in a paediatric psychiatry hospital with children aged 5 – 8 years, presenting a mix of psychiatric and behavioural difficulties including psychosis, ADHD, depression and neurosis

Training for Professionals

Cabinet PRACTICE, Paris 2019 - present

Head of programs : mediation & art therapist

Establishment and implementation of professional training programs for students and professionals on: dramatherapy in paediatric psychiatry, working with trauma, the space as therapeutic, with eating disorders

PSY CAP CORPS Professional program trainer 2017 - present

Establishment and implementation of professional training programs for students and professionals on: dramatherapy in paediatric psychiatry, working with trauma, the space as therapeutic, with eating disorders.

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